The Role of a State's Attorney


What is a State's Attorney?

    A State’s Attorney is the elected prosecutor in a jurisdiction who is responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial against an individual accused of breaking the law.




Do State's Attorneys only prosecute cases?

In some offices. But Wes Adams is more than just a prosecutor. He works hard to seek justice in criminal cases, to prevent crime, and serves as a leader in the diverse communities he has been elected to serve. He has built a team around him to not only try cases, but to be proactive about reducing crime.

So what else does Wes Adams do?

Four years ago he was elected to improve the State’s Attorney’s approach to fighting crime.  He started day one by bringing in a new leadership team. We eliminated the easy plea, poorly prepared approach to crime of the past and focused on being a trial ready, trial-first, fully prepared, fully trained, technologically advanced office. We brought in exceptional experienced attorneys, improved the training program, and fought for the resources to hire more prosecutors and support staff.

His approach to fighting crime includes focusing on long term crime reduction. Education and rehabilitation are key components to keeping all of our citizens safe.

  • His team has helped double the size of drug court – using the leverage of the court system and long-term supervision and accountability – to help people overcome their drug addiction and its associated criminal behavior.
  • They have worked with the court to establish the first ever Veterans Court which works to rehabilitate Veterans suffering from addiction or PTSD.
  • They work together with partners in the County Executive’s Office, Crisis Response, the Health Department, the faith community and Anne Arundel County Schools to educate adults and children about the opioid epidemic, cyber safety and fraud prevention.


Why should we Re-Elect Wes Adams?

His opponent, the person who lost to him four years ago, wants a second chance to open the revolving door of justice – to take the office back to the bad old days of easy pleas that allowed criminals back on the streets to reoffend.

Wes and his team have worked tirelessly to move your State’s Attorney’s Office forward, vote to re-elect Wes Adams to keep moving in the right direction -

Prosecute - Build Strong Cases against drug dealer, gang members and criminal networks

Rehabilitate - those who need help and return them to our society

Educate - as the best form of prevention

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