Why isn’t Ms. Leitess talking about CRIME?

Because she didn't get results, Wes Adams did


Wes Adams has Results to talk about.

Ms. Leitess does not.  That's why she has resorted to Insults.


Insult 1 Ms. Leitess claims  Wes is a “bully.”

RESULT - Wes Adams inherited a dysfunctional, understaffed office that was satisfied with soft-plea deals. Wes overhauled the office and instituted a tough-on-crime policy. Staff who were unable or unwilling to change left the office and new attorneys were hired. Mandatory training was instituted. And now, prosecution is up, convictions are up, and jail sentences are up. The result is that  crime is down for a fourth year in a row under Wes Adams. 

Insult 2 Ms. Leitess claims Wes is “lazy.”

RESULT - Wes Adams balances his time among his three pillars of justice – prosecution, rehabilitation and education. Prominent cases prosecuted by Wes include the 2015 police shooting, the Crofton noose case, and the Annapolis embezzlement case. Currently,  Wes is the lead prosecutor on the five Capital Gazette murder cases. 

Insult 3 Ms. Leitess claims Wes is “over budget.”

RESULT -Wes Adams has never gone over budget.  Every dollar spent by the State’s Attorney’s Office was approved by the County Executive and the County Council by unanimous or near unanimous votes and is recorded in the independently audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. In fact, the Report shows that my office has been under budget for each year I have been in office.

Insult 4 Ms. Leitess claims Wes hired a “political crony.”

RESULT - Wes Adams hired a successful Annapolis attorney,  who had helped him win his election and who had extensive experience in government reform. That person ran the day-to-day operations of the office, ensuring the staff had the resources needed to do their job. The result – he helped Wes create the most efficient, technologically advanced office in recent history, as well as two new diversion court programs.


* Source 2013-2017 Anne Arundel County Annual Reports (violent crime)

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