Wes is tough on crime. Understanding the importance of working in conjunction with other public safety agencies, he immediately set out to build stronger partnerships  between his office and state and local police. Now, his team of Assistant State’s Attorneys respond to the scene of major crimes, and work with police to ensure the best evidence is collected to prosecute criminals to the fullest extent of the law. Practices such as this have already made a notable impact. In just three years, the conviction rate in homicide prosecutions has risen to 95%.

Not only has he implemented policies that served him well in other jurisdictions, Wes has also adapted to the specific needs of Anne Arundel County. Most recently, he developed STING, an innovative new unit that employs the use of intelligence based prosecution. By working closely with police to develop long-term investigations, this unit targets two major issues plaguing our communities: violent gangs and the sale of narcotics.

In addition to STING, Wes also assembled a team of Assistant State’s Attorneys who specialize in the prosecution of domestic violence. By and large, domestic abusers exhibit a propensity to re-offend, placing their victims in extreme danger. The prosecutors of this unit alleviate this threat by using their expertise to take tough cases to trial, bargain for strong plea deals, and advocate for meaningful sentences. As a result of Wes’s leadership, the State’s Attorney’s Office is now in a better position to seek justice on behalf of victims, and foster safe communities throughout the county.


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