Wes's Mission

Anne Arundel County is Safer with Wes Adams

I am Wes Adams, I was elected and took over the Anne Arundel State's Attorney's office in January 2015, my mission was to focus on three things to make this county safer;

  • Prosecution - Build the strongest cases possible to secure the proper convictions and the fairest sentences, focus on drugs dealers, violent gangs and organized crime.

  •  Rehabilitation - Expand and grow the avenues for rehabilitating offenders, so that we can address the root causes of criminal behavior and attempt to solve them.

  • Education - Develop a strong education and prevention program in our community so that we can keep people away from the criminal justice system in the first place!

I work very closely with the local police chiefs and involve my office early in criminal investigations so that, together we build better cases and get stronger convictions.

It is working - Crime is Down in Anne Arundel County!


Wes is tough on crime. Understanding the importance of working in conjunction with other public safety agencies, he immediately set out to build stronger partnerships  between his office and state and local police. Now, his team of Assistant State...

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Wes is a strong proponent of rehabilitation programs. By giving non-violent offenders the opportunity to address the underlying behavior driving them toward crime, his office is better able to prevent the possibility that they will reoffend. He wo...

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As an agent of public safety, Wes believes that the responsibilities of the State’s Attorney’s Office should not be limited to reacting to crimes after they occur. That is why he made it a top priority for his office to take a proactive role in th...

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